Let us introduce ourselves

The software factory CARNET GmbH was founded 2002 in Chemnitz, Saxony. We develop customized software and design digital solutions for planning and management of production facilities and for visualizing processes. About 25 employees work for CARNET GmbH. Dietke Clauß is managing director.

We are going to pull this off – for you

Software has to run without any friction – reliable, stable and secure. That is what we provide for at CARNET. We program application interfaces, adapt software, and look after your ERP or your databases. Rely on us to make your IT processes faster and better – at a manageable cost.

Generating momentum: First, we analyze processes together with you We look at your existing IT and analyze what you need to make your daily business easier. You will find out where there is a need for action. A mobile app? Software for production planning? For visualizing processes? Progamming an interface or adapting software? Trust us with your small and big digital construction sites.

Gain speed: We start the journey by analyzing what is required. User stories describe what users of the software want and need, so that they are involved from the start. Together, we define milestones, and CARNET delivers results. You actively take part in the development process and you can influence it at any time. The software development is transparent, and our performance becomes measurable.

Agile and fast: Developing traditional Windows programs or designing something new with web technologies – we can do both and we are flexible. HTML5, Java, .NET: You determine which progamming language will be used. CARNET’s experts develop your application and relieve your IT department.

Quality check: The application has to pass a multi-phase test so that you receive a first-class product. We follow the V-model respectively the V-model XT. Testing the components and the overall structure on a regular basis ensures quality. Alternatively or additionally, the test procedure is done on-site. The tests enable you to influence the design. For example, do you like the user interface? We want to make sure that you get your desired product.

Deployment: We install the software and put it into productive operation. We activate interfaces and we configure the automated data transfer. Your employees get trainings and can start working with the new software. When new employees need training, we will do that as well.

Like we said: We are going to pull this thing off – for you!

Up and running: As a result, the new application optimizes your processes. Your IT will perform better. We are there for you: CARNET does regular maintenance work. We are your reliable, ITIL certified support partner and offer Service Level Agreements that fit your needs. If new requirements emerge, we adapt the software.

What can we do for you?

Let’s talk and discuss how we can support you – without any obligation! Our phone number: + 49 371 444 5 666