Our software for managing parts lists in production is a module that can be integrated in your existing IT. Information from various sources like construction, production, logistics and quality control, relevant for the assembly, will be processed and visualized in real time.

Functions at a glance:

  • Generating dynamic parts lists per customer order
  • Material call-offs according to priority and order sequence
  • Buildability analysis in real time
  • Continuous inventory
  • Signal function when parts are missing
  • Preview information for logistics
  • Finding the cause for incorrect deliveries
  • Documentation for backtracing and management of batch numbers
  • Integrated task workflow for technical changes
  • Target/actual comparison of supply processes
  • Service invoicing of external logistics partners

Your advantages:

  • Your assembly process – simple and quickly digitized
  • Support for individualized production
  • Increase productivity and quality
  • Improving delivery capabilities and customer satisfaction
  • Involvement of employees in production and logistics through simple, interactive applications
  • Ease of use and individual screen design
  • Simple, modular design that can be extended
  • Tailor-made, cost-efficient solution

Real time – Your new Productive Factor!