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Tailor-made Software for Your Business

Als Software-Manufaktur sind wir Experten für kundenspezifische, digitale Lösungen.

We offer:

  • Consulting and support from certified project managers and software experts
  • Long-term experience
  • Inhouse on-premises, cloud-based, and mobile solutions
  • Secure and well documented software, which completely meets your requirements
  • Solutions that are expandable and that can grow with your business
  • Software – compatible, robust, and user-friendly
  • Program blocks, service and maintenance, updates
  • A future-proof investment and a long-term partnership

Designing Individual Stand-alone Solutions

CARNET develops individual software which adapts to your requirements. We analyze processes together with you and program exactly the solution that your company needs. If you are looking for a tailor-made solution for your production or logistics processes, CARNET is your partner.

Your advantage: You will receive more than a custom-fit software. You will get transparency, clarity, and flexiblity. The solution grows with your business demands.

Creating Links and Integrating Proven Systems

CARNET expands your existing applications und programs flexible interfaces. These interfaces “translate” data from legacy systems and prepare them in a way that other applications, e.g. your ERP, can process them. We build interfaces that integrate your legacy systems with new applications creating compatibility.

Your advantage: Since CARNET puts in a mediatory software level between your existing process landscape and your ERP, it is not necessary to adapt the ERP. The application stays in the standard version. Expensive changes are not necessary when there is a new release or an update.

Connecting Stand-alone Solutions

Your IT applications run parallel, but they are not connected. Our CARNET experts often come across such scenarios. Our software specialists have a lot of experience with connecting stand-alone solutions intelligently. hey make sure that data flows smoothly from one system to another. If your employees still transfer data manually from one application to another, it is time to talk to CARNET. We build digital bridges to accelerate the data exchange in your company and make it more efficient.

Your advantage: We digitize your processes, increasing their speed, making them safer, and less prone to error.

Custom Programming

CARNET software is modular and can be expanded at any time. We make sure that it is compatible with your existing applications and that it is flexible enough to grow with your changing demands. Qualified project managers with long-term experience can realistically evaluate the scope of your projects.

Your advantage: Security and a long-term investment protection for your company.

In the unlikely event that you are not happy with us anymore and you want to end the business relationship, we will hand over data, content and the source code of the software that we developed for you.

A Holistic Approach

Instead of just programming interfaces we look at and analyze your processes holistically. You choose the development environment and the software architecture freely or you rely on the expertise and the experience of CARNET’s specialists.

How can we support you?

Wir sind

der Spezialist für maßgeschneiderte Softwarelösungen.

Wir bauen

seit über 20 Jahren Systeme für Menschen im Prozess.

Wir arbeiten

mit einer 25-köpfigen Mannschaft im Team!

Wir können

komplizierte Vorgaben einfach und übersichtlich gestalten.

Wir entwickeln

datenbankbasierte Anwendungen zur Planung, Steuerung und Visualisierung Ihrer Organisations- und Fertigungsprozesse.

Wir erschaffen

Spezialprodukte zur Optimierung und Visualisierung rund um Ihren betrieblichen Prozess.

Wir liefern

Qualität – flexibel, schnell und kundenorientiert.

Wir wollen

die gute Adresse für Ihre individuelle Softwarelösung sein.

Wir werden

Sie mit unserer Kompetenz und langjähriger Erfahrung überzeugen.

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